7 Figure Publications is currently accepting manuscripts in the following genres:

FICTION: urban/street, contemporary fiction, mystery, thriller, erotica, horror, women’s contemporary fiction, and young adult.

NONFICTION: memoir, narrative nonfiction, inspirational/motivational, current events, pop culture. (We currently do not accept submissions for poetry.)

For nonfiction, send cover/query letter, including the author’s qualifications and connections relevant to the book’s content and a marketing plan as well as an outline of the book’s content.

Submission Requirements

  1. Title page should have the following:
  • Contact info should be left aligned and single spaced near the top of the page. Use your real name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Follow that up with the word count.
  • Half way down the page, center the title of the manuscript (ALL CAPS). On the next line type the word ‘by’ or ‘novel by’; on the next line add your pen name or your real name.
  1. Manuscripts should be formatted in the following manner:
  • Use 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, right, left).
  • The line spacing should be set as double-space.
  • The alignment should be left (not justified).
  • Choose a Times New Roman, Courier, Arial or a similar font that is 12 points.
  • Each paragraph should have a half-inch (0.50) indent. (Do NOT use the left tab. Use the Special option under the Indentation menu and choose First Line and set it for 0.50.)
  • Each page should be numbered.
  • Each chapter should begin in the middle of the page. Capitalize the CHAPTER NUMBER and CHAPTER TITLE.
  • Use scene break indicators (* * * * * or # # # # # #).
  • For emphasis, use italics.
  • Please include a synopsis.
  1. Manuscripts should be written in third person point of view (POV). We prefer deep third person POV rather than omniscient. Only submit in first person POV if you are skilled in writing in this POV. If you are unsure about POV, please perform an online search.

Tips for Writers

Do NOT expect the editor to rewrite your entire story. Make sure you have performed the self-edits on your manuscript before submitting it. This means reading your entire manuscript aloud and listening to the flow and rhythm of each sentence. It also means correcting obvious content errors (Does your character have on red shoes in chapter 1 but then is shown wearing blue shoes within that same chapter and scene?). Make sure the plot is solid. Also correct obvious grammar and punctuation errors.

Author’s Checklist:

  1. Does your first sentence have a strong hook or opening that will reel the reader in?
  2. Have you started each chapter right in the middle of the action?
  3. Is the setting and tone clear?
  4. Are your characters exciting and worth continuing to read about? Does the character have strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Are there too many characters? Most fiction should have no more than four main characters, five at the most. Minor characters do not count.
  6. Is there enough conflict in each scene? Does the story make sense?
  7. Does the dialogue move the story forward and is it believable and appropriate for the character?
  8. Is the pacing too slow?
  9. Avoid using clichés (Dumb as a doorknob). Create your own. And do not open any chapter with an alarm clock going off or someone waking up. These openings are also cliché.
  10. Have you ended each chapter with something that will keep the reader’s attention? A disturbing thought, a new problem, a hard decision, a secret.

BONUS: Do not use multiple exclamation points !!!!! or !?

Please send all submissions to:
7 Figure Publications
P.O. Box 9334
Augusta, GA 30916
All Authors Please Submit (2) Copies of Manuscript.