The Diary of a Black Rose

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ISBN#: 978-0-9988984-5-2
Publish Date: January 9, 2018
Format: Paperback



Black Rose is back after serving a five year prison bid for home invasion and her days as a hustlers side chick are over. Black Rose’s only focus is to grind and get money. Her weakness is having a soft heart for family and friends. Unfortunately, friends become foes and her life then takes a turn for the worse, forcing a trusting heart to turn ice cold. Black Rose feels that now every man is for themselves, no one can be trusted. Will Rose expose the treachery or fall victim to the snitches, thirsty to see her meet her demise.


Tameka Lawrence was born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia. She also lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida for a short time. As a preteen, Tameka discovered her strength in writing and used it to express her thoughts and emotions when she did not possess the courage to do so verbally.

On her own since the age of twelve, life was more often than not, extremely difficult. As an adult, a bad decision resulted in Tameka currently serving a prison sentence. Nevertheless, the mother of five uses her time wisely by writing novels and studying psychology and theology.

1 review for The Diary of a Black Rose

  1. Pastor Winfred and Elder Joe Herrington

    Thanks Black Rose 🌹 for opening up my eyes to life. We Love You.
    Uncle Joe and Auntie Winifred Herrington. You are our VIP of life.

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