The Daily Life of Hailey Grace


ISBN#: 978-1-7329145-1-3
Publish Date: Coming Soon
Format: Paperback



For Hailey Grace, birthdays suck! She hopes with all her heart that her big day passes without gifts, or even a birthday wish. But with loving parents and two witty best friends who keep her on her toes, there’s no telling what adventure Hailey Grace will be forced to explore this time. Unexpectedly, her best friend Alex challenges her to do something she’s never done before. With that comes a whole new set of rules, and another life Hailey isn’t sure she’s quite ready for. Now questioning all that she has ever believed, she takes Alex up on the dare by asking for something that no one but God can give her. Her request also comes with a twenty-four-hour deadline. As the minutes slowly but surely tick by, Hailey’s life shifts into overdrive and she wonders if she has asked for too much too soon.


Beloved is a Minister and Urban Christian Author born and raised in Miami, FL. Most of her life she’s been involved in the performing arts and is an exceptional preacher and actress. She spends much of her time studying the scriptures and has an amazing gift for preaching the beautiful message of the Gospel truth. She has also obtained a certificate in Theological Studies/Biblical Foundations while in enduring the darkest moment of her. Thereafter, she still continues to share her gift of preaching the gospel through the ministry of the word, theater, and literary works.

Recently she has committed to publishing her debut Young Adult Urban Christian series called “The Daily Life of Haley Grace”; with 7 Figure Publications.

The captivating young adult series is one of many avenues Beloved inspires the youth to seek God whole-heartily knowing that there is nothing impossible with Him on their side. With an exceptional gift of sharing the heart of God; Beloved makes it her priority to deliver spirit-breathed words into everything she produces.

The ministry of writing has also brought healing to her own soul. Beloved has used writing to draw closer to God in times she herself hadn’t felt so close to Him. Very familiar with feelings of regret, disappointment, and pain; Beloved has made it her life-passion to walk alongside others all the while loving them all the way.


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