Traces of my Blood

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ISBN-10: 1499320051
ISBN-13: 978-1499320053
Publish Date: 3/10/2014
Format: Paperback




In this jaw-dropping family drama, three women are desperate to escape a troubled life in the hood trenches by any means necessary. Dead set on keeping a man around, Pamela puts her lover, Fletcher on a pedestal, yet ignores the cries of her teen daughter, Komura, who is desperate for her undivided attention. What else can Pamela expect from Komura when she happily finds love and affection in the arms of a small-time hustler and goes above and beyond treachery to make sure he continuously fills her void for love?

In love with the finer things, material girl, Brandy, lucks up on some minor hood riches, but her extreme thirst for a glamorous lifestyle exceeds her means and so does her belief in her monogamous relationship. Looking for love in all the wrong places has never been a wise choice, but these women are cursed. Will they break every chain and rise above this mighty storm, or will they be forever entangled with drugs, thugs, and the deep desires of living lavish?



Sereniti Hall wears many hats, author, publisher, wife, mother, and friend. Named to the Library Journal’s top ten list for Street Literature for her first novel Feenin’ (published by Wahida Clark Publishing), Sereniti continues to flourish. Since then she has released three more titles, Still Feenin’, Endless Tears (nonfiction), and Traces of My Blood.

Today, Sereniti serves as president of 7Figure Publications. Her mission is to create a trusted brand and deliver great content.

Currently, she is working on her next project and resides with her husband and three daughters in Augusta, Georgia.

Facebook: Serenitihall
Twitter: @Serenitihall
Instagram: @serenitihall

1 review for Traces of my Blood

  1. Ms. Brown

    This book is very interesting and never a dull moment. I love the different stories within this book. This book can relate to a lot of real life people you may know and certain situations that really happens growing living in poverty. Well written.

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