Murder Breeds Mayhem




The bigger the reward, the bigger the risk. Twin brothers Tyrod and Tyreek King learn this lesson while growing up with the best of nothing at all. Poor and being raised by a single mom, they set their minds on finding a way out of none. After the young brothers discover an abandoned book bag filled with weapons and work, the two decide to hustle until their pockets bleed money.

As they grow older and come up in the drug game, life changes drastically when one of the brothers is gunned down during a SWAT raid. The surviving twin vows revenge against all those responsible for killing his brother.

As fate would have it, the surviving twin meets Fred Sanders, someone whose life has also radically been changed by the twin’s death. The two men set their sights high and put it all on the line. They commit murder after murder until they come face to face with the person who has caused them so much pain. As guns are aimed to kill, will a split second decision bring street justice, or cause more murder and mayhem?


Pierce J. Anfield was born in South Augusta, Georgia where he grew up with his parents and siblings.

He began reading to help him get through the devastating loss of his beloved family members. The more books he read, the more he had come to admire the passion, skill, and experience that was poured into creating each story world.

Deeply inspired, Pierce believed he too had the ability to give life to a novel. Always up for a challenge, he grabbed his pen and pad and some time later, he completed his first full-length novel, Murder Breeds Mayhem.

The author hopes that each reader will receive the lessons ingrained in his book. Pierce is currently working on his next novel. He has one beautiful daughter, Taliyah A. Clifford.


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