Life Of A Star


ISBN#: 978-0-9988984-0-7
Publish Date: June 16, 2017
Format: Paperback




Growing up in the inner city of Chicago is not easy for Star Renee Jones, but neither is dodging the traps her family keeps setting for her. Drugs tear the Jones family apart and leave Star in need of her mother Diamond’s love, but Diamond is also in search of love and finds it in the worst places. As Star grows older and experiences a grievous amount of heartbreak and disappointment, she eventually faces a bitter reality—her survival and success depend solely on the strength of her hustle. Star is determined not to follow in the vicious, destructive cycle she constantly encounters, yet her own actions will prove if she can end the madness or continue in the cause of her own moral genocide.


Asherdee Diamond was forced to grow up on the Southside of Chicago much too fast. Her childhood was extremely difficult, but she pushed through those hard times, hustled hard, and found the strength to persevere. Asherdee believes that she has been blessed with the gift of helping others. Therefore, her first novel, Life of a Star is her endeavor to educate those who have experienced situations like hers so that they too can heal emotionally and mentally. Also, her goal is to prevent another child from suffering at the hands of anyone with ill intent. Currently, Asherdee is a full-time customer service rep and part-time tax preparer. She is a resident of Iowa and the mother of one son.


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