Beautifully Ruthless

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Freshly released from a juvenile detention facility, Aria is placed into a foster home of a married couple with dubious intentions. There, she meets another teen, Harmony, and is immediately attracted to her bad boy style. Eventually the two girls share their darkest secrets and form a tight bond that on the surface seems unbreakable. In an instant, Aria and Harmony are forced to go on the run and must rely on each other to maintain their freedom.

While struggling to survive on the cold, hard streets, Harmony seeks out a drug dealer who teaches her the game, causing immediate conflict between her and Aria. By a streak of luck, Harmony stumbles upon a small fortune that leads to an introduction to a high-ranking boss in the underworld.

With bands of money to be made, she and Aria are enticed into a dangerous hustle with dire consequences.

Once their rise to power breeds unquenchable greed,insatiable lust, and brazen betrayal, the true strength of Aria and Harmony’s connection will be tested at the highest levels. Will their bond remain rock solid or crumble like dust?


Belle Ahosi was born and raised in San Diego, California. Writing is her passion, but also her therapy as it has always given her a way to vent her feelings. While growing up, Belle was taught that emotions turn you into a fool. So she decided to let her emotions bleed through the ink between the lines on paper, and through her characters.

Belle is the mother of two children, Isaiah Amir and Elijah Maliek, who are her greatest accomplishments. Currently, she is serving in prison at Pulaski State Prison in Georgia.

Beautifully Ruthless is her first novel.

3 reviews for Beautifully Ruthless

  1. Trill B

    Can’t wait to read this one. Sounds like a banger. Please release it….When?

  2. Cheri

    Looks like a pretty good read!

  3. Huey Newton

    Congrats! Looks interesting, I can’t wait to read it!

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