A Treacherous Hustle – Hitting a LICK for the love of a PIMP -The Falicia Blakely Story


ISBN#: 978-0-9988984-2-1
Published Date: September 14, 2017
Format: Paperback




Many years ago, Falicia Blakely, a teenage mother fell in love with a vicious pimp, who introduced her to the seedy world of exotic dancing and prostitution. It did not take long before a fierce drug addiction wrapped its greedy arms around her and would not let go. Shortly thereafter, her young life spiraled out of control, and the wayward teen committed the heinous crime of murder. Many articles have been written about her, due to the unusual circumstances surrounding her court case. Also, a movie, based loosely on her life, is set to air on Monday, August 28, 2017, entitled “When Love Kills – The Falicia Blakely Story” on TV ONE.

Nevertheless, Falicia Blakely felt compelled to allow Sereniti Hall to tell her story.  On September 14, 2017, Sereniti Hall will release Falicia’s biography, A Treacherous Hustle: Hitting a Lick for the Love of a Pimp will be released. This heart-wrenching tale does not have a happy ending.




Sereniti Hall wears many hats, author, publisher, wife, mother, and friend. Named to the Library Journal’s top ten list for Street Literature for her first novel Feenin’ (published by Wahida Clark Publishing), Sereniti continues to flourish. Since then she has released three more titles, Still Feenin’, Endless Tears (nonfiction), and Traces of My Blood.

Today, Sereniti serves as president of 7Figure Publications. Her mission is to create a trusted brand and deliver great content.

Currently, she is working on her next project and resides with her husband and three daughters in Augusta, Georgia.

E-mail: serenitihall@yahoo.com
Facebook: Serenitihall
Twitter: @Serenitihall
Instagram: @serenitihall
Website: http://www.serenitihall.com


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