Passionately committed to our authors and their success as well as bringing our readers quality and entertaining novels.

President: Sereniti Hall

Dorothy Hall is the President of 7 Figure Publications. She's also the author of four novels, of which three are written under the pseudonym, Sereniti Hall. Her first novel Feenin’ was listed in the Library Journal as one of the top ten books for Street Literature. As a former author under a well-known publishing company, Dorothy’s experience has given her the necessary directive to lead 7 Figure Publications on the pathway to success. She knows the importance of an effective business and a trusted brand, great content, writing, and diversity. The working mother and wife currently resides with her husband and three daughters in Augusta, Georgia.


Author: Asherdee Diamond

Asherdee Diamond was forced to grow up on the Southside of Chicago much too fast. Her childhood was extremely difficult, but she pushed through those hard times, hustled hard, and found the strength to persevere. Asherdee believes that she has been blessed with the gift of helping others. Therefore, her first novel, Life of a Star is her endeavor to educate those who have experienced situations like hers so that they too can heal emotionally and mentally. Also, her goal is to prevent another child from suffering at the hands of anyone with ill intent. Currently, Asherdee is a full-time customer service rep and part-time tax preparer. She is a resident of Iowa and the mother of one son.


Author: Falicia Blakely

Falicia Blakely is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, but relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she experienced a rough upbringing as a child. This resulted in her committing various crimes as a teen and her inevitable imprisonment. 

Since 2005, she has been an active member of The Children’s Center, an organization which allows her to visit and interact regularly with her only child while she is imprisoned. As a victim of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, Falicia has dedicated her life to raising awareness about these social ills by writing books, skits (plays), and performing interpretive dances. Also, she has joined thousands in the fight against HIV/AIDS transmission after receiving a HIV-positive status in 2003.

In 2012, she devoted her life to becoming a mentor and now facilitates faith-based, self-help groups that focus on breaking the cycle of being victimized and wholeheartedly making peace with your past. She has obtained her GED and some technical college education and is now a licensed Master Cosmetologist/Barber, where she strives to uplift the self-esteem of other female inmates. Her mission is to live each day on purpose and speak out about her past in hopes of preventing someone else from making the same grave mistakes as she has. Today, Falicia trusts in Yahweh, her Savior, for His plans with her life.

Currently, Falicia is incarcerated in a North Georgia maximum security women’s facility, serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Author: Belle Ahosi

Belle Ahosi was born and raised in San Diego, California. Writing is her passion, but also her therapy as it has always given her a way to vent her feelings. While growing up, Belle was taught that emotions turn you into a fool. So she decided to let her emotions bleed through the ink between the lines on paper, and through her characters.

While at Fulton County jail, she participated in a program called New Beginning. The entire class was given an assignment to write something creative, so she wrote a short story and was immediately drawn to writing. Creating and shaping stories helped her escape from her own misery. Belle believes that writing gives her a purpose. Never did she think she would become a novelist, although she has always been ambitious and dreamed big. For Belle, dreams feel different once they actually happen. She hopes to give her readers what so many other authors have given her. An escape from temporary madness.

Belle is the mother of two children, Isaiah Amir and Elijah Maliek, who are her greatest accomplishments. Currently, she is serving a 15 year sentence at Pulaski State Prison in Georgia.

Beautifully Ruthless is her first novel.

Author: Pierce J. Anfield

Pierce J. Anfield was born in South Augusta, Georgia where he grew up with his parents and siblings.

He began reading to help him get through the devastating loss of his beloved family members. The more books he read, the more he had come to admire the passion, skill, and experience that was poured into creating each story world.

Deeply inspired, Pierce believed he too had the ability to give life to a novel. Always up for a challenge, he grabbed his pen and pad and some time later, he completed his first full-length novel, Murder Breeds Mayhem.

The author hopes that each reader will receive the lessons ingrained in his book. Pierce is currently working on his next novel. He has two beautiful daughters, Taliyah A. Clifford and Promise Jiovanna Anfield.

Author: Tameka Lawrence

Tameka Lawrence was born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia. She also lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida for a short time. As a preteen, Tameka discovered her strength in writing and used it to express her thoughts and emotions when she did not possess the courage to do so verbally.

On her own since the age of twelve, life was more often than not, extremely difficult. As an adult, a bad decision resulted in Tameka currently serving a prison sentence. Nevertheless, the mother of five uses her time wisely by writing novels and studying psychology and theology. Tameka’s own tumultuous life as a young girl, and the death of her six-year-old daughter, who battled cancer since the age of one, compelled her to become the voice for juvenile delinquents and families of children who suffer from cancer.

Diary of a Black Rose is Tameka’s first novel.

Author: Beloved

Beloved is a Minister and Urban Christian Author born and raised in Miami, FL. Most of her life she’s been involved in the performing arts and is an exceptional preacher and actress. She spends much of her time studying the scriptures and has an amazing gift for preaching the beautiful message of the Gospel truth. She has also obtained a certificate in Theological Studies/Biblical Foundations while in enduring the darkest moment of her. Thereafter, she still continues to share her gift of preaching the gospel through the ministry of the word, theater, and literary works.

Recently she has committed to publishing her debut Young Adult Urban Christian series called "The Daily Life of Haley Grace" with 7 Figure Publications.

The captivating young adult series is one of many avenues Beloved inspires the youth to seek God whole-heartily knowing that there is nothing impossible with Him on their side. With an exceptional gift of sharing the heart of God; Beloved makes it her priority to deliver spirit-breathed words into everything she produces.

The ministry of writing has also brought healing to her own soul. Beloved has used writing to draw closer to God in times she herself hadn't felt so close to Him. Very familiar with feelings of regret, disappointment, and pain; Beloved has made it her life-passion to walk alongside others all the while loving them all the way.